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Our School

Whitehead School Vision

Our vision is for every student attending Whitehead Elementary School to have the requisite skills needed to be successful in middle school and high school; and ultimately college, career, and life.

Belief Statements

We, the staff of Whitehead Elementary School, believe that we must:


•    Work together to create a respectful environment that fosters a love of learning, creates productive and caring students, and empowers students to become lifelong learners.


•    Hold high expectations for self and students.


•    Encourage students to work to their potential.


•    Celebrate student successes.


•    Provide a safe, caring, and respectful learning environment that promotes high academic achievement and personal growth.


•    Engage parents and community members as essential partners in implementing and extending district and school-based initiatives, activities, and decisions.


•    Implement exemplary instructional practices that promote and focus on increasing the students’ academic achievement.


•    Participate in ongoing professional development activities to ensure knowledge and use of research-based programs, practices, and strategies.


•    Engage in reflective thinking to ensure mastery of grade-level standards.


•    Deliver a standards-based instructional program that meets the needs of the students.


•    Assist and support students in the effective use of technology in order to extend their understanding and mastery of grade level standards.